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Colon cancer symptoms and signs of bowel cancer

Learn colon cancer symptoms and signs of colon cancer or symptoms of bowel cancer in this video!


If you’re looking for scientifically backed information on colon cancer or bowel cancer symptoms then you’ve found the right video. Now Keep in mind that experiencing these symptoms doesn't necessarily mean you have colon cancer, but it's crucial to get checked by your healthcare professional. Remember, early detection can make a big difference in any treatment.

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Symptoms of bowel cancer may include:

- Changes in your poo, such as having softer poo, diarrhoea or constipation that is not usual for you.

- Needing to poo more or less often than usual for you

- Blood in your poo, which may look red or black

- Bleeding from your bottom

- Often feeling like you need to poo, even if you've just been to the toilet

- Tummy pain

- Bloating

- Losing weight without trying

- Feeling very tired for no reason

Non-urgent advice: See a doctor if:

- You have any symptoms of bowel cancer for 3 weeks or more

- Try not to be embarrassed. The doctor or nurse will be used to talking about these symptoms.

Urgent advice: Ask for an urgent doctors appointment if:

- Your poo is black or dark red

- You have bloody diarrhoea

Immediate action required: Go to A&E or call 999 if:

- You're bleeding non-stop from your bottom

- There's a lot of blood, for example, the toilet water turns red or you see large blood clots

For the most up to date advice visit:


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About this video: Searching colon cancer symptoms and signs of colon cancer? In this video, Advanced Medical Practitioner Abraham Khodadi, MPharm(Hons)IPresc MScACP shares symptoms and signs of bowel cancer!

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