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How to get rid of hemorrhoids fast and treatment

Learn how to get rid of hemorrhoids fast and hemorrhoids treatment tips at home to permanently remove!


Hemorrhoids otherwise known as piles are lumps inside and around your bottom. They often get better on their own after a few days. There are things you can do to treat and prevent piles.

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• Bright red blood after you poo

• An itchy anus

• Feeling like you still need to poo after going to the toilet

• Mucus in your underwear or on toilet paper after wiping your bottom

• Lumps around your anus

• Pain around your anus



Speak to your healthcare professional if,

• You have symptoms of piles and they're getting worse or there's no improvement after 7 days of treatment at home

• You keep getting piles

• You notice a change around your anus that is not normal for you

Seek Urgent advice and ask for an urgent appointment with your healthcare professional if,

• You have piles and your temperature is very high or you feel hot and shivery and generally unwell

• You have pus leaking from your piles


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About this video: Searching how to get rid of hemorrhoids fast? In this video, Advanced Medical Practitioner Abraham Khodadi, MPharm(Hons)IPresc MScACP shares hemorrhoids treatment tips at home to permanently remove!

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