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How to get rid of mucus in the throat and clear out lungs phlegm

Learn how to clear mucus from your throat to get rid of mucus in the throat or lungs phlegm out!


Well, mucus is a thick substance produced by certain cells in our bodies in places like our mouth, nose, stomach and lungs, to protect us and keep our organ linings from drying out.

You're probably all familiar with the mucus produced by our noses and throats as this is what runs when we have a runny nose, is what we spit out as phlegm when he have a chesty cough, and what can build up as catarrh at the back of your nose and throat when you have allergies or an infection.

As unpleasant as it may be, mucus has some really important functions. So for example the mucus produced in our stomach, acts as a barrier and a lubricant to allow food to pass through. The mucus produced in our nose, mouth and lungs, also acts as a barrier, but also has the super important function of trapping dirt, dust and chemicals so they don’t enter the body in large amounts. Its actually one of the body’s first lines of physical defence against infection.

But what can happen sometimes, is that due to allergies, a cold, or nasal polyps, your nasal passages can become swollen and start to overproduce mucus and this can lead to catarrh, which like I mentioned earlier, is a build-up in your nose, throat or sinuses which can be uncomfortable and frustrating.


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You can easily make saline solutions at home using half a teaspoon of salt in a pint of water that you’ve boiled and then left to cool to a safe temperature, and this one mixture can be used to both gargle and clear your throat with and rinse your nasal passages. You can gargle with a saline solution as many times as needed, getting the water at the back of your throat and then swishing it around your mouth before spitting it out. Even though a saline solution is not harmful to swallow in small amounts, it’s best to always spit so you don’t consume all that salt. Gargling or rinsing as may not be suitable for a child or if you suffer with swallowing problems.


Now, like I mentioned earlier, mucus and catarrh is not usually harmful, but if it ever becomes a particular problem for you, starts to interfere with your daily life or lasts more than three weeks, you should speak to your doctor. It could be a sign of an underlying condition, such as nasal polyps or a chest infection, which might need further investigating or treatment.

You’ll also want to speak to your doctor if at any time your mucus is brown or bloody, as this can also be a sign of an underlying condition that needs investigating.

And if at any time you experience catarrh or mucus, you have any other symptoms that go with it such as difficulty breathing, tightness in your chest, difficulty swallowing or fever, these are also red flags that you should speak to your doctor about straight away.


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About this video: Searching how to clear mucus from your throat? In this video, Advanced Medical Practitioner Abraham Khodadi, MPharm(Hons)IPresc MScACP shares how to get rid of mucus in the throat or lungs phlegm out!

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