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How to stop overthinking and anxiety with meditation

Learn how to stop overthinking and anxiety with overthinking meditation to stop overthinking everything!


In this video, we'll tackle the issue of overthinking, which can lead to excessive anxiety. Overthinking is when your mind gets stuck on repetitive thoughts, causing that constant worry. I'll share some practical tips to help you combat this. We'll explore mindfulness techniques, like deep breathing and meditation, to help you stay present. You'll also learn about setting aside dedicated "worry time" to confront your concerns and then consciously letting them go.

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Here are FIVE mental health conditions associated with overthinking. These are red flags which should prompt you to seek medical advice from your healthcare professional.

• Repetitive negative and suicidal thoughts.

•.Hearing voices or experiencing hallucinations in your mind that trigger negative thoughts.

• Trying to distract your thoughts by developing repetitive habits that disrupt your normal life.

• PHOBIA - when you have a fear of something and you need help to manage your fear as you can’t live life normally due to overthinking this fear.

• If you have had a traumatic experience in the past that is stopping you from moving forward.

For more information please visit -


Whether you're concerned about yourself or a loved one, these mental health charities, organisations and support groups can offer expert advice. Full list and contact details at:


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About this video: Searching how to stop overthinking and anxiety? In this video, Advanced Medical Practitioner Abraham Khodadi, MPharm(Hons)IPresc MScACP shares overthinking meditation to stop overthinking everything!

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