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How to use blood pressure monitor at home properly

Learn how to use blood pressure monitor at home and use a blood pressure cuff properly with this video!


In this video, we emphasize the importance of knowing how to measure your blood pressure accurately using a blood pressure monitor. Proper measurement techniques are crucial for obtaining reliable readings and monitoring your cardiovascular health effectively. Our tutorial provides expert guidance and practical tips to ensure you can confidently measure your blood pressure at home. Watch now and let our tutorial help you become a pro in measuring your blood pressure with precision.

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Measure your blood pressure in both arms when you first start. They will give slightly different readings. From then on, use the arm that gave you the higher reading each time.

Always use the same arm. If possible, use the arm that your doctor or nurse uses when they measure your blood pressure.


Step 1: Wait 30 Minutes - Avoid measuring blood pressure within 30 minutes of eating, smoking, drinking caffeine, or exercising.

Step 2: Relax for 5 Minutes - Sit at a table, with back supported, arms on the table, and feet flat on the floor. Do not cross legs or use the toilet before measuring.

Step 3: Position the Cuff - Place the cuff 2 fingers above your elbow, snug enough for 2 fingertips to fit.

Step 4: Align the Cuff - Follow instructions to align the cuff properly, enabling accurate readings.

Step 5: Stay Still - Avoid moving, chewing, talking, or laughing while the machine is measuring.

Step 6: Take Two Readings - Wait a minute between readings. If the first reading is significantly higher, disregard it and take an extra reading.

Step 7: Monitor Your Blood Pressure And Lifestyle - probably the most important part of this video because I see so many patients who either don't know what their blood pressure readings mean or don't know how to analyze and review them. Download my blood pressure monitor pro app to help you with this!


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About this video: Searching how to use blood pressure monitor at home? In this video, Advanced Medical Practitioner Abraham Khodadi, MPharm(Hons)IPresc MScACP shares how to use a blood pressure cuff properly with this video!

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